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Enhance your adventures with these tried and true pieces of gear!

This post includes affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases with no additional cost to you.

Travel Accessories:



Vapur Collapsible Water Bottle:

This thing is so light, foldable, and easy to throw in any bag. Leakproof, stands up on its own, and the perfect travel companion.

Sea to Summit Travel Clothesline

Perfect for doing laundry in the hotel or the backcountry, or hanging up a towel or sweaty clothes to dry. Packs up tiny, adjustable length, and doesn't require clothespins.

Amazon Basics Packing Cubes

If your'e not using packing cubes by now, you should be. They're key for squishing more stuff in your bag, not making a mess when you need to grab one item, and even keeping your clothes in good shape. These Amazon Basics ones come as a set of all the same size, which is perfect for suitcase origami. No more sets with strange shapes and sizes that don't work in your bag! A matching same-size set is a rare find!

Molded Eye Cup Sleeping Mask

Whether you're sleeping in a hostel, at an AirBnb with thin curtains, or just trying to ignore the world on a plane, an eye mask (and ear plugs) are absolutely essential for any trip. I like these ones because the molded eye cups are comfy and don't squish your face or eyelashes. This one even comes as a two-pack!


Small Cable Locks

These little locks are TSA approved for locking suitcases, and are also a necessity when staying in hostels, as most have luggage lockers. They're also great for gym lockers, and for locking the zippers on your daypack to protect from pickpockets.


Connecting Spoon/Fork Combo

It is surprisingly handy to have a spoon/fork on hand while traveling. Whether you're whipping up an instant coffee or oatmeal packet with hot water on the plane, or the cafe just forgot to include one in your takeaway bag, you're always prepare with this combo! This is also what I use when backpacking, as the long handle lets you eat from tall food bags without getting your hands dirty!

Air TNE3_edited.png
Air TNE hand_edited.png

Cabeau Air TNE Airplane Neck Pillow

Though the ability to sleep well on an airplane may forever elude me, having a decent neck pillow is a good start. I have tried oodles of different pillows, and this is the one I've decided is the current best. My favorite features of the Air TNE are the high neck support and a strap across the front that can adjusted to multiple spots to prevent bobblehead. I personally prefer inflatable pillows for space saving reasons, but there is a non-inflatable version also that comes highly rated!

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Repel Plant-Based Lemon Eucalpytus Insect Repellent (DEET-Free)

I used to be all about that DEET- I wanted the strong stuff. But I always had some concerns about how much was safe to use. Then I discovered that this more natural bug spray works amazingly well- even with serious mosquitos. I wore this during rainy season in Guatemala with clouds of mosquitos around me, as well as in Uganda and Zimbabwe, and have had very few mosquito bites. Seriously try it! I like to decant it into mini spray bottles for travel in order to save space and liquids.

Running Gear:


ponyflo pink_edited.png

Ponyflo High Ponytail Hat

Are you tired of your hair always sticking to the back of your neck and getting knotted when out on a run? Ponyflo hats solve that problem with their high pony cutout section. You still get plenty of coverage for protecting your head, but it is SO much more comfortable to have your hair up high! And as a bonus, their velcro closure also doesn't snag hair. I have 3 already, and I don't want to run in anything else anymore!

chinese vest front_edited.png
chinese vest back_edited.png

Aonijie 12L Running Vest

If you're a trail runner and need room to bring your water, snacks, sunscreen, chapstick, first aid kit, and a whole lot more, this Aonijie vest is perfect for you! The price is very wallet friendly, and you can choose if you want it to come with soft flasks or a hydration bladder (I chose soft flasks, and then also bought longer straws). You can fit soft flasks AND your phone in these front pockets, and there are trekking pole loops! I will say that the volume doesn't not feel like a true 12L, but it fits a lot!

Salomon Advanced Skin 12 Womens

If you're getting into some serious runs, or just want to invest in your gear from the beginning, this Salomon vest is for you. Its a true 12L size (fits a TON), which is great if your race has a big required gear list. This women's vest has specially shaped soft flasks that make it more comfortable for a lady, but there is also a unisex version if you prefer a normal shaped soft flask. You can also use it with a hydration bladder, but I usually just slip one of my Vapur bottles into the back pouch to have an extra liter with me. This one has ALL the pockets, trekking pole loops, and feels very premium. 

Travelon RFID Blocking Money Belt

Despite being a travel accessory, 99.9% of the time I actually use this on my daily runs. It is the BEST running belt I've ever had- no bounce! When you just need your phone, keys, and a credit card, it's perfect. Better than any belt actually designed for running, truly. It is also functions nicely for its intended purpose as a money belt, as it is low profile and can't be seen under clothes.

trekking poles_edited.png

Black Diamond Distance Z Trekking Poles

Trekking poles are one of the most underrated pieces of gear out there! I use these for both running and hiking, and they are a serious game changer. They help you climb steep hills without terrible posture, navigate downhills without falling, cross streams more safely, and prevent you from tripping when your legs get tired. I like these ones because they're super lightweight, and since they're not adjustable, they're quick to assemble and collapse. Sizes are based on your height.


gray backpack_edited.png
gray backpack sizer_edited.png

Underseat Suitcase-Style Backpack

If you're trying to squeeze by without paying any baggage fees, this is an outstanding backpack that works as personal item on most US airlines! It is an open cavern on the inside and functions more like a suitcase. It does have some internal organization and compression straps, a laptop sleeve, a waterproof lining pocket, and a small water bottle pocket. 

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