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5 Must-Try Coffee Shops in Antigua, Guatemala

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Because you'd go crazy trying to narrow them down without some guidance

view of erupting volcano from cobblestone street
Look in the back, Fuego is erupting! A common sight in Antigua.

If you’re anything like me, exploring local coffee shops is a favorite activity when traveling. And it’s even more exciting when visiting a world-renowned coffee producing region, such as Guatemala. Despite the fact that Guatemala exports the vast majority of their quality arabica beans, there is an ever-growing number of coffee shops in the country who take pride in their local treasure, and focus on quality sourcing, roasting and preparation of coffee. Many of these cafes are clustered in the city of Antigua. A quick google search of “coffee in Antigua” will produce an overwhelming list of places to try. Where to start? Worry not, my friends- I’ve got you covered. On my last two visits to Antigua, I made it my mission to try as many of these cafes as possible, and did so without developing a caffeine-induced heart attack. And to save you such trouble in the future, I have complied a list of five essential coffee shops you need to try in Antigua, Guatemala. The coffee scene is always evolving in Antigua, so I’m sure that more fantastic options will soon arise- but if you want good coffee, a great environment and no stress, put down your TripAdvisor app and read on!

1: Fat Cat Coffee House

This is my number one favorite, for several reasons. Most importantly, their coffee is really good. Fat Cat offers multiple brewing methods, so you can choose to have your coffee as a pour over, aeropress, nitro, etc. Their americano was very bold with a brilliant crema, and the aeropressed coffee I had was smooth with no bite. Not only that, but their baristas are super passionate and knowledgeable about their coffees. They told me all about where the beans came from, the significance of volcanic soil, and the difference between washed and unwashed beans. I very much appreciated the 50% of it I understood in my limited Spanish. Also, this shop is great for hanging out- it’s bright, has lots of seating, and is perfect for staring out into the streets or settling in with a book. Go here for the cup of coffee you that really care about.

Cup of coffee in Antigua, Guatemala
Fat Cat Coffee

2: Cafe Estudio

Another gem with excellent coffee, lattes, and friendly baristas. If you walk through to the back, you will find a beautiful, quiet courtyard to enjoy your coffee in, giving this cafe major ambience points. And unlike many coffee shops, you can get more than pastries to eat here.

Coffee shop entrance with bike outside in Antigua
Cafe Estudio

3. Bella Vista Cafe

Coffee with a volcano view, anyone? The coffee here isn’t bad- I’d put it in the “drinkable, but not a favorite” category. However, the rooftop patio at Bella Vista is incredible! You are seriously drinking coffee with a massive volcano looming in front of you, overlooking the historic cobblestone streets of Antigua. This view cannot be beat! You order downstairs by the street-level entrance (it shares a space with a wine vendor), then walk upstairs past a beautiful mural, and up to the patio. They have chairs upholstered in burlap coffee bags, and a long high top table perfect for making conversation with strangers while taking in the view. Go here for a view with a side of coffee, not the “I need the best coffee of my life” moment.

Volcano view from cafe in Antigua, Guatemala
Not kidding about that volcano view!

4. GuateJava

Small but cozy, with high quality coffee. Situated on a little corner overlooking a volcano, GuateJava has an bold Americano, an incredible affogato (ice cream with espresso and more), and uses local beans. Little straw hats decorate the ceiling for a quirky vibe. And, the name GuateJava is pretty darn awesome too.

coffee drink with ice cream and shaved chocolate
Affogato awesomeness
straw hats as ceiling decorations
Ceiling decor

5. The Refuge Coffee Bar

Tucked on a street a few blocks off the main tourist track, The Refuge has great coffee and a smooth cappuccino. It’s a small place that oozes warmth and authenticity. If you’re lucky enough to snag a window seat, you can people watch the afternoon away.

cappuccino overlooking cobblestone streets in Guatemala
Cozy little view in Refugio

Well known, but can you skip these famous Antigua coffee shops:

Fernando’s Kaffee- great courtyard, but the coffee isn’t all that special, and it has a large gift shop component.

Don Cafeone- lot’s of brewing options, but a bit on the pricey side and the taste underwhelming

Cafe Barista- basically a Starbucks, which is expensive and completely unnecessary in a country with reliably good coffee.

And there you have it- a list to start off your coffee journey in Antigua. It is only the tip of the iceberg in that coffee town. And if you need any more encouragement to visit Guatemala, check out this post to incite your wanderlust! Happy coffee drinking my friends!

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